Abigail Ekue: The Model, The Writer

Updated: April 4, 2011

Creativity is defined as the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods and/or interpretations.

“I like to see life and somehow express it creatively. There’s a lot of artistic people, but you would never know.” The belief is profound of artist, Abigail Ekue. The writer and model, to say the least, finds the expression in all to create an image.

Ekue lets fascination drive her craft. The emotions of the black male, captured in different emotional responses, typically anger, are portrayed photographically. She remains herself; ever the ambitious and eager to display life as it is with the thought that ‘you will never know what’s going to happen’.

The desire to create remains her motivation. With no limitation to her expressiveness, Ekue stands out as a writer and model. A spirit like no other, with a divine comfort with her body and words. She can be perceived as limitless. With creativity, there is no holding back.

The Model:

What stands out is the nudity as artistry. With comfort and femininity, Ekue goes above the expectations, and shows perfections and imperfections in its freest form. Beauty becomes the primary sight. Beauty: the natural art is embodied.

The Writer:

Indulging in erotica, with stories of experience and the wandering mind, Ekue brings to you “The Dark Side of Lust”, 16 short stories for your pleasures; decisions for release, pleasure, no fairytale endings with reality driven conclusions. “Bad things happen in life and things get sticky, especially when sex and emotion is involved,” said Ekue.

The stories capture the abusive relationship, married couples with problems, voyeurism, and religion with the intent to show real life as it’s happening.

“The goal is to make a living off of the art; live from what you love; teaching and what not.”

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