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To those it may concern:

This world that we live in is filled to its brim with starving artist. Artist that take time to learn their craft, master it and love nothing more in the world than to share it with others. They are often the ones that are over looked, overshadowed and outnumbered by what seems to be a new definition of talent.  Profanity Magazine is an online publication with a focal point of covering these artist and putting them center stage.

Whether your well- known or underground, Profanity Magazine strives to answer the request for the lost essence of craft; presenting music, art, fashion, lifestyle and culture, without limitation, as long as the artist has remained true to their art.

With diverting influences from mainstream media being such a common factor in the entertainment industry, it continues to be a struggle for an artist to remain true to who they are, what they love and what they do. Profanity Magazine shows respect to these individuals that continue to strive for relevance without any settlements.

While displaying artist that stay true their art, we at Profanity Magazine remain true to the art of journalism, by never citing bias within the publication, which remains evident within the editorial content. Speaking out on a wide variety of topics, from music, events and even social issues; we work hard at mastering the art of capturing the voice of our readers. As we move forward, we continue on with an aim to as responsive and interactive with them as possible.

From the Editor,