Dre Manning – Ascensio Et Uncio

Updated: September 6, 2014

Dre Manning – Ascensio Et Uncio (Rise And Conquer)


What is Ascensio et Uncio? Rise and Conquer. Dre Manning has been on a mission as of late to resurface in this underground and conquer. Already deemed as a better emcee than, Manning is what we want New York Hip-Hop to be. It’s boom bap mixed with “spit hot fire” and bearded.

Its been a while since Dre Manning has released “Pledge”, and we are more than aware of the work that’s he’s been putting in. He’s back with a new record “Ascensio et Uncio” Latin for Rise & Conquer, produced by ODi. “Ascensio et Uncio” will not be featured on Dre Manning upcoming album The Dre Manning LP. Dre Manning charismatically and aggressively sways over hard hitting drums and gloomy chords.  Asserting himself as a staple in the Hip-Hop indie scene.

Bon Appètit


Dre Manning –“Ascensio et Uncio” (Rise & Conqure)

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