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    Big Sean Moves on Roc Nation

    Big Sean has moved to Roc Nation and has released four new tracks. We got 4 new joints to celebrate our new favorite man from D-town.

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    Chinx – Couple Hittaz

    On Far Rockaway with a Couple Hittaz is what it is in this new joint from Chinx

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    (i am) Isis – Take it Back

    'Take it Back' from (i am) Isis is a look into the type of artist she is. If one could wrap Jimi Hendrix into neo-soul, this would bring about comparison.

  • Chinx x Cap 1 Knew Dat

    New Video: Chinx x Cap 1 “Knew Dat”

    Chinx and Cap 1 combined this summer for one of the most viewed videos, going viral. Hip-Hop meets Coke Boy and that beat thumps

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    Iggy Azalea – “The New Classic”

    Iggy Azalea is bold; bold that is for naming her two year delayed debut album, “The New Classic”

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    The 4KNOTS Festival

    July 12th 2014, the 4Knots was everything for the grungy yuppie. With the perfect fusion of sunlight, good feeling, food, and music,

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    Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival

    The Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival is loved for the homage it pays to some of Hip-Hop’s royalty. On July 12th, the festival celebrated its 10th anniversary

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    Dre Manning – Pledge

    Pledge - something delivered as security for the payment of a debt/fulfillment of a promise, subject to forfeiture on failure to pay or fulfill the promise.

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    “Pledge” PSA #2 Narrated by Dre Manning

    If you have not yet heard of producer and Hip-Hop artist Dre Manning- keep reading. Formally known as Dremur, Dre Manning is lyrically reminiscent of an early Common

  • City of Gads

    “Pledge” PSA Narrated by Wordspit

    City of GäDs own Dre Manning will be releasing his first single "Pledge" on July 9th

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