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    Decision 2014: Angie Martinez to Power 105

    In the biggest decision since Lebron to Miami, Angie Martinez resigns from Hot97 and goes to the 2PM - 6PM slot at Power 105.

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    Two Words: Donald Sterling

    As soon as you think that we’ve taken steps closer to equality and unity, something keeps pulling us back; Donald Sterling.

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    Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta

    So let's talk about Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta season 3. Are you ready for it? I know I am.


    Twerking Toddlers

    So to introduce our Twerking Toddlers - Sage The Gemini - “Slow down, grab the wall, wiggle like you tryna make yo a** fall off.

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    Thot, Thottiana, Thottie Pippen, Thot Disick

    they are a play on the ever popular acronym, THOT. For those unfamiliar, THOT stands for “That Hoe Over There.”


    Basketball Wives LA

    If you have a love for ratchet TV, as half of America, then you would know that Basketball Wives LA is in its 3rd season.

  • 6 Reasons

    6 Reasons Why You Might Still Be Single

    You may wonder over and over why no one has snatched up the “wonderful” catch that you are. Here are 6 reasons why dinner for two would last you a few...

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    Real Rap [Season 1] – Dan Status

    I created Real Rap to shine light and hidden secrets to rappers, emcees, singers, beat makers and producers a solid knowledge base

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    Natural Hair & Relaxers

    Natural hair has always been around, but about three years ago, it was brought into the forefront.

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    Drama, Drama, Drama

    We live for our crazy reality shows, our controversial relationship statuses, and the use of several words that would make any dignified debutante clutch her pearls at a mere mention of...

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