“Pledge” PSA #2 Narrated by Dre Manning

Updated: July 8, 2014

“Pledge” PSA #2


If you have not yet heard of producer and Hip-Hop artist Dre Manning- keep reading. Formally known as Dremur, he is lyrically reminiscent of an early Common. Dre Manning under the moniker Dremur released his debut mixtape, “For The Love of Dilla”, in February of ’10, and released his second mixtape, “One Step Away Miles Too Go”, presented by Good*Fella Media in March of ’11. Since then, the young MC has not only been busy producing bangers for other upcoming artists, but has also found himself rocking stages across New York, New Jersey, California and Philadelphia, while steadily creating a buzz as well as gaining a loyal fan base of his own.

City of GäDs own Dre Manning will be releasing his first single “Pledge” on July 9th. Wordspit The Illest narrates this aggressive PSA letting the world know that he is back and will be delivering quality music. “The Dre Manning LP” will be the first project released under the City of GäDs imprint. It will be an unforgettable and exciting ride stay tuned.

Bon Appétit
City of GäDs


“Pledge” PSA #2

Pledge PSA #2 Narrated by Dre Manning from City of GäDs on Vimeo.



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