Epiphany Amor: “The Future of Fashion” Meet Ms. Royal

Updated: August 18, 2011

Epiphany Amor: “The Future of Fashion”

Brooklyn native, Jamilah B. Almansoob, or Ms. Royal as she should be referred to, brings her Arabic-Puerto Rican beauty nose deep into an industry that she loves the most. Fashion, Music, and people make up a lot of her reasons for being. In fact, it is her reason for living. Bringing forth her skills into our worlds with her ability, stemming from songwriting and designing, the multifaceted young lady is the CEO of an abundance of small business, thus exemplifying her character.

Ms. Royal, with her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology accompanied a style and management degree from FIT, has stepped onto the scene with the intent on taking over the industry as well as the person. The background consists of Modeling, Dancing, Artist Management, Author/Journalist Management, and the ownerships of Profyle ENT, an independent PR Firm.

Through it all, Ms. Royal remains humble. The demeanor strikes rich with her smile and welcoming persona that is displayed prior to the business background. The go getter attitude, however, shines through. “I’m about my business and cannot wait for anyone,” said Ms. Royal. 

Then the views of the accessory line, Epiphany Amor, take premise. With the creation of names, designs, and imagery, Epiphany Amor has quickly become a celebrity endorsed line of products. Its appearance has been considered to be original. Originality is a hard to attain in the Fashion industry, given the immense oversaturation of product, as well as repeating trends. However, Epiphany Amor extends its reach with the dawning of the esteemed line, “Royal Doll Collection”, by the world renowned, Beyonce Knowles.

In the process of pursuing her MBA in Marketing (and later her PhD), Ms. Royal combines her beauty with brains to continue the ongoing development of Epiphany Amor. She researched and prepared a brilliant marketing and business plan by first simply working on her brand and what it means to her and what she would like to share with the world.

Ms. Royal’s intends to continue supporting and empowering women who are business women and those on the path to become business women. Epiphany Amor brings out a lifestyle of sexiness and fierceness in every woman, whether they know, they are sure to discover it with Epiphany Amor: “The Future of Fashion”.


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