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Updated: February 1, 2013



Hip Hop started out in the heart, now everybody trying to chart. We love the line. It is the state of Hip-Hop as we know. We have grown to love the work and miss the art. What we do have is the money making era of Hip-Hop. We have gone back to the flashier state of Hip-Hop. Hip-Hop now over glorifies “poppin’ bottles”, “sleighing bitches”, and of course being the functional druggy. May I ask, what else is new?

Though, the great lyricists have paved a way for us as artists and fans, if we relate back to what Hip-Hop has always been about, it’s been about being flashy following your struggle, and hoping people can relate to how you put it together. Hence, the true definition of the emcee (MC) provides the audience with something respect, love, and…fuck it, grow with. At the end of the day, we are just enjoying what we always have, but just a bit ‘dumbed’ down. It’s either “after you back it up and stop” or “ass so fat I told her look back at it” and we are going to gobble it up.

A$APYour favorite rapper, young 20 and 30 something year olds are the men and women that have paved the way. From the Jay-Z’s, Nas’s, Scarface’s, Snoop Dogg’s, and Lil’Kim’s to the Minaj’s, the Kanye’s, the 2 Chainz, the Chief Keef’s, and Drake’s, the path has been laid out. The problem that the Hip-Hop heads have with it all today is that it’s lacking the lyrical wit that made us grow to love to genre of music. Remember when we used to be Number 10, and now we’re permanent at 1, Hip-Hop stands at the forefront of music, and it has been widely accepted for its simplicity.



With this in mind, the fact of the matter is evident. Hip-Hop is entering what may be the end of the flashy stage of simplicity and reverting back to the witty essence that its lyrics once had. From the storybook rapping from Kendrick Lamar, to the creativity and charisma found in A$AP Rocky. Rappers are putting forth the effort to show growth in their skill, such as Big Sean and even Juelz Sanatana. The stage is set for the artsy side of things to come back into play. As Peter Rosenberg says, the underground is coming back.








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    I can feel the Grouth of hip hop

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