(i am) Isis – Take it Back

Updated: September 6, 2014

(i am) Isis – Take it Back


‘Take it Back’ from (i am) Isis is a look into the type of artist she is. If one could wrap Jimi Hendrix into what neo-soul embodies, this would bring about comparison. With obvious influence of the Classic Soul and even inklings of Hip-Hop, (i am) Isis and that band of hers makes a claim without stating, that there is a forced to be reckoned with.

“The guys and i are super excited to share our new single, “Take it Back” with you. It’s been dubbed a no-nonsense, head-banging, unabashed girl-power anthem byVIBE Vixen and it’s the first official single from the  EP, “Since forever”,” said Isis.


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